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U-3 Bermuda
 U-3 bermudagrass is a medium fine-textured, vegetatively-propagated, selection of common bermudagrass. It produces a denser turf cover than common bermudagrass and is a finer in texture and darker green in color. This cultivar produces a nice lawn or athletic field turf with lower maintenence requirements than with the finer-textured cultivars. Seed of U-3 bermudagrass is offered for sale, but produces a turf with less uniform texture than one from sod or sprigs. (information from OK State Univ Turfgrass Program)

Shade Tolerance..
U-3 Bermuda Requires full sunlight most of day. It should not be used in shady areas.

Heat/Cold Tolerance..
Has very good heat tolerance. U-3 is more cold tolerant than the other bermuda type grasses. "Dry" freeze might occur under long periods of extreme cold.

Enters dormant stage in winter months. Stops growing when temperatures drop below 50 F for sustained period, turns tan color after first frost. Ground temperature must be at least 65 F for noticeable growth.

Water Requirements..
U-3 will tolerate sustained periods of drought if established well. But, if you want a stronger, durable, more greener looking grass, irrigation is very well recommended. Should be kept moist during long periods of extreme cold.

Wear Resistance Recovery..
Excellent wear resistance. Will withstand heavy traffic. Very good injury recovery!