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So yesterday I was riding around listening to Dirty Cakes Band, I’d Luv to See You Nakid. I really enjoy their music. Someday, I hope to make it to one of their concerts. They tend to draw in many female fans which works for me! They mostly play in their hometown of Los Angeles, California, but sometimes go elsewhere to perform. I enjoy keeping up with their twitter page and seeing all the fans talk about going to one of their live concerts. Yeah, one day that will be me. For now, I’ll just turn it up really loud and enjoy this up and coming Hard Rock band.



I find Dirty Cakes to be a pretty raw band. They dabble in several different Rock genres, but bring it all together nicely and end up creating their own musical statement that is both unique and refreshing. You don’t find that very much in the world of Desert Rock.
The Dirty Cakes Band has been able to create music that is wonderful and memorable by uniting their own brand of sound with the more relevant sounds of Classic Rock. I am really looking forward to hearing a lot more from this band. To get where they need to be, they need to work on making more songs that are great, increase the number of tours, and continue marketing themselves on social media. Of course, I seriously want them to tour closer to me. Hey, I’m willing to drive a couple hours to see them. I think the marketing part is what will really get them to grow, though. They certainly need to have the passion, hunger, and drive when marketing on social media. These days, that’s where the power to reach the multitudes lives!
I must say, though, that Dirty Cakes Band is off to an awesome start already. They certainly caught my attention!

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