The Goodwill Bridge

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Before I took my trip to Brisbane Australia, I had heard about footbridge called the Goodwill Bridge located on the south side of the Brisbane River. Back in October 2001, Brisbane held the Goodwill games, which is what the bridge was named after. It connects part of the Queensland University of technology campus to the South Bank parklands. It was made for pedestrians and cyclists to use. Supposedly, around 3 million people use the bridge every year. Well, now I’m one of those 3 million I guess.

I have got to say, the bridge is a bit of a marvel to me. Some concrete builder like Concreting Brisbane Northside assesses that it cost over $20 million to build this bridge that is over 1500 feet long and almost 20 feet wide. It was an interesting walking bridge, with a pavilion overlooking the river on one side and a huge arch closer to the other side. I walked over the bridge several times on my way to and from different areas in the city while I was there. I enjoy the scenery, but I must say it seems like a lot of money was spent to construct this bridge just for pedestrian use when their other routes that could be taken. I’m sure the city had a lot of extra money, though, after the Goodwill games were held there with all the tourists spending their money in the city. This bridge is certainly unlike anything I’ve seen in my hometown of Cimmaron. Of course, I don’t think the residents in my small town whatever build something so costly. The unique design of the bridge was interesting, though, and I’m glad I the time to check it out while I was there. Plus, it was a great way for me to get to the botanical gardens from the city. I’m sure next time I go back, I will visit the Goodwill Bridge again. In fact, I want to go when the firework display is going on because I hear that is the best time to visit bridge.

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