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The Dirty Cakes Band

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So yesterday I was riding around listening to Dirty Cakes Band, I’d Luv to See You Nakid. I really enjoy their music. Someday, I hope to make it to one of their concerts. They tend to draw in many female fans which works for me! They mostly play in their hometown of Los Angeles, California, but sometimes go elsewhere to perform. I enjoy keeping up with their twitter page and seeing all the fans talk about going to one of their live concerts. Yeah, one day that will be me. For now, I’ll just turn it up really loud and enjoy this up and coming Hard Rock band.



I find Dirty Cakes to be a pretty raw band. They dabble in several different Rock genres, but bring it all together nicely and end up creating their own musical statement that is both unique and refreshing. You don’t find that very much in the world of Desert Rock.
The Dirty Cakes Band has been able to create music that is wonderful and memorable by uniting their own brand of sound with the more relevant sounds of Classic Rock. I am really looking forward to hearing a lot more from this band. To get where they need to be, they need to work on making more songs that are great, increase the number of tours, and continue marketing themselves on social media. Of course, I seriously want them to tour closer to me. Hey, I’m willing to drive a couple hours to see them. I think the marketing part is what will really get them to grow, though. They certainly need to have the passion, hunger, and drive when marketing on social media. These days, that’s where the power to reach the multitudes lives!
I must say, though, that Dirty Cakes Band is off to an awesome start already. They certainly caught my attention!…

Music and the new order of things

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Well so much has happened in the last two weeks. Its so hard to try and keep up with things.


Trump has got into a position I don’t think he ever dreamed was possible. I honestly think that even he was surprised when he won. He has so much opposition that he is going to have his work cut out of him trying to keep the flies off him.


As no surprise to anyone, Hillary started that Trump not excepting the election results would undermine democracy and that their should be a smooth transition of power and that is what makes America great.

Now Jill Stein has decided to kick up a stink raising millions of dollars in crowd funding (which the target keeps getting bumped up higher and higher each time they get close to reaching their target. Even with the recount they know that they arent within smelling distance of a win. Also she has demanded state to be recounted where there is a larger margin than in some states that Hillary won.

This is just burning money as far as I am concerned and many people have pointed the finger at George Soros for funding this “undermining of democracy” as Hillary puts it, via thousands upon thousands of small transactions from undisclosed donors.

Either way the clock is ticking in order to get these recounts done and as there will be not much difference made to the final result, I believe this is just burning money for the sake of some stupid chest beating from a woman who initially burned by her own Green party for supporting Trump in the early stages of the election.

It seem that even as much as people might thing that Trump is a egomaniac who only cares about himself. One thing you can’t call him is a liar. It’s a trait that has been missing in politics since…… well not since the 35 years i’ve been alive on this rock hurling through space.

Decades of voting for these establishment career politicians has not resulted in anything getting better. Obama who was seen as the return of the lord himself has made things worse not better for the black community.

If anything the next 4 years will be entertaining.

Just as this song by Royal Blood is. They remind me of a mix of Muse and Jack White.

Anywho stay cool people

– S’OD

Welcome to my World

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Hi I’m Simon, and welcome to my blog.

I’m a resident of Cimarron a little village in Colfax County, New Mexico. A small dot on the map surrounded by multiple ranches. You could say this is real cowboy country.

I love the picturesque outdoors of my town and also everything to do with Desert Rock. I have a wide range of hobbies which I’m sure you will get familiar with if you stay tuned as I will be updating the site as much as I can on a regular basis.…