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So? Who’s it gonna be?

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So here we finally are we are, one day from deciding who will be the leader of the free world for the next four years. It seems as though we are more more divided but it seems as though there has been a cultural shift not so much in policy and beliefs but the belief that there is establishment that tries to cater to both sides of politics which cannot for fill our needs as humans.


People are smart enough now, blacks, Mexicans, whites, the middle class to know that they have been sold out by the Democratic party .Republicans the Democrats the career politicians on both sides of the supposed political spectrum are only looking out for themselves and their buddies, the banks, the military industrial complex, They don’t care about the people they are supposed to represent, they just care about lining their own pockets and insuring the same people who are really pulling the strings are getting a bigger slice of the pie every 4 years.


It’s amazing now that what was one seen is the logical side of politics and cultural though, the left, the liberals the progressive thinkers have now pushed things so far that it’s now in the stratosphere of craziness that there is someone as corrupt as evil is Hillary Clinton as their selection for president.

I don’t think they are going to be really progressive when they are merely voting for in their mind the lesser of two evils…. Or do they really want her…. I guess time will tell.


Any time I’ve asked people about their opposition to Donald Trump it’s usually comes up with the same thing “he’s a racist”, “he’s a bigot” “sexist”. Any time I’ve ever asked for any examples to back up these labels or that he is done certain things people just look at me like a lost puppy dog. Its as if it is just assumed, or common knowledge. If you press people harder, you occasionally just get a self righteous eye roll as to say they cant be bothered and that everyone should already know this.


The media has been so instrumental in essentially brainwashing these well-meaning level headed people who just want to ensure that people are looked after. It’s just an element of laziness in labelling someone a name just because someone told them that they are mean. It’s like starting in the new workplace and there’s always that one person that comes up to you tries to get you one side on the first day and says you need to “Look out for Tracey you know shall stab you in the back”. They make out as if they’re doing you a favour giving you a heads up but usually the person that gives you this warning that is the one you’ve gotta look out for.


It’s weird how culture shifts and how the left that was this been seen as progressive and pushing against the traditional views of Christianity and conservatism that because of their open-mindedness they are seen as the more logical thinkers not driven by ideology. Unfortunately these free ideas have now become in grained in the media say one thing bad about women with them having to take responsibility for their own actions and automatically labelled sexist or a misogynist or a woman hater.


There doesn’t need to be any facts to back up that name-calling when the woman that he’s another man of rape. Its just assumed it did happen. I mean who would lie about being raped? There’s been multiple cases in the last five years where women have accused man of sexual misconduct, gone through the legal process only to find out years later that the woman made the whole thing out. By that time the damage has been done, the man’s career has been ruined, any prospect of him ever having a relationship with another woman is completely destroyed. All because of just one accusation that automatically assumed to be correct.


It seems as though the left has now given up at ability to question things. Look back when George W Bush running the show, Fox news was churning out it’s right wing propaganda in order to secure support for the Iraq war, everyone knew it was bullshit. Now, CNN, MSNBC online media publications like to Huffington Post are now reflecting that level of same blind propaganda from the left wing perspective and it’s just never questioned at all


It’s now abundantly clear that we can no longer trust the media as a source of truth, the Democrats have a woman; the first woman ever run for president who is being investigated by the FBI….. twice. She is also responsible for taking billion and billions of dollars from Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar who have been linked to supplying weapons and military hardware to ISIS, the same enemy that Hillary Clinton Secretary of State said she was fighting.


A small bit of research into the Clinton foundation and thier supposed humanitarian efforts brings up a dark and horrible organisation. It’s a very simple way in which they worked in order to get billions of dollars, Clinton (the first one) would get paid by multinational corporations or countries for speaking at a dinner he would charge up to 6 figures just to speak these dinners in front of the people then miraculously deals with done through the state office for Hillary Clinton was in charge of the time the gave the go-ahead for these countries and corporations to push through the deals in countries where they were embargoes humanitarian issues and countries needing to be rebuilt.


One of the most despicable cases of the Hillary and Bill corporation as we can call them that is what they did to the people of Haiti the country was destroyed by earthquakes and the Clinton foundation put their hands up to ensure that humanitarian aid reach them and instead of giving them electricity Clinton foundation went ahead and secured deals with Digicel. One of the biggest cellular network companies in the world. In order to rebuild the countries cellular network.


The Clintons got rich off of poor Haitians who were in need of houses and running water. Not 4G wireless coverage.


This is only really a snippet of the horrible things that the Clintons were responsible for. I can only imagine what she will be capable of doing if she is appointed to the white house. Oh yeh there was the whole email thing too….. you might have heard about it?


It is without a doubt that Trumps closed border policy will directly effect the Mexican community. They are the largest demographic of people that are illegal immigrants in America. But I do honestly believe it doesn’t matter the skin color, middle class folks are sick of their jobs going to the lowest bidder who doesn’t even pay tax…. No matter what language they speak.


The issue with Islam that Trump wishes to address is a complex on. But his desire to stop all Muslim immigration until “we find out what the hell is going on” is just merely a protectionist view until some more measures can be put in place to ensure the safety of not only American lives but American culture.


It seems to me that the left is quite happy to tout about gay rights and the introduction of Muslim immigrants in to the US. But completely over look the fact that thousands of miles away Gay people are being hung, and thrown off buildings by people who share the same beliefs as the people they want to welcome with open arms.


I think Trump represents everything that the establishment hates. He hasn’t been bought and he doesn’t apologize for his words or actions. I think it is that unwavering strength and fortitude that attracts the middle class. Not these wishy washy career politicians that promise everything and deliver nothing. Regardless of his political leanings, he is a threat to the very people who have been pulling the strings behind the curtain. People have been getting the same thing for years because there have always been the same people running the show.


I guess we will see whether America has the balls to take a chance and roll the dice.


– SO’D…